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Garand Update

Posted: June 24, 2013 in Uncategorized

With great enthusiasm, I put in an order back in March or so for my very own piece of American history — a M1 Garand of my very own. The genuine article, not a reproduction, exactly like our boys used it in the Pacific or maybe counted it in storage lockers after the Korean war, the only firearm from which “PING!” is a slightly less ominous sound than it usually is, et cetera. And now, after months of waiting, I can finally take a picture of my new Garand:



The observant reader will note a few things:

  1. This is an absolutely awful picture. I blame…
  2. The obligatory cat who has to intrude into every gun pic. He was in a feline sort of mood, which is to say uncooperative.
  3. I have thrown all caution and gun safety to the wind, and have taken a picture of a LOADED firearm!
  4. There are a few bits missing.

Nonetheless, progress has been made. I’m now reasonably sure that the CMP knows I exist, that they have a credit card number of mine that has not yet been lost or stolen, that my apartment manager now knows that I am the sort of nutter who has antique ammunition delivered by mail order, and that I know what Cosmoline smells like. I am now fully prepared for the arrival of the rifle, just as soon as the crates-of-surplus-rifles gods smile upon me and the other thousand or so of us whose bits of history are presently hidden somewhere in a warehouse in Alabama.


So I went to see World War Z this weekend, and it was pretty much everything I expected — which is to say 1) a delivery system for a visually impressive horde of zombies running into full tilt into walls with an enthusiasm not seen since the most recent Tough Mudder and 2) absolutely nothing at all like the book.