Posted: March 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

It was fun last week, so maybe it’ll be fun this week.

Work was weird. Most everyone was off for Spring Break, and we were also kind of between major test efforts, so I spent most of the week investigating defects and staring at the wall. Meanwhile, I was stacking up more activities to do outside work, between the whole blogging thing, my new fitness goals, my not-so-new career goals, the online courses I’m taking, and the fact that I’m finding two books interesting for every one book I read.

My third-grade teacher would be torn between awe and horror if she contemplated me living in a world where I could impulse buy and start to read a book in under 30 seconds from most places I typically spend time on a device I can, er, shove into a kiddy desk much more easily than one can do with a paperback.

Figured out this week that the ultra-hippie Captain Planet approved uber concentrated laundry detergent I bought a couple months ago has masking fragrance in its unscented version. Found this out the hard way. Displeased. May yet end up doing that iconic activity of possibly-foolish frugality, making my own laundry soap — though mostly out of curiosity.

Finally got my new Crossbreed holster. It does not make my butt look big.

Probably going to spend most of the weekend eating horrifying things and doing various forms of homework.


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