Posted: March 23, 2013 in Uncategorized

Have not been near as prolific as I was anticipating. Oh well. Here’s a rundown of the things I’ve been up to:

— Continuing to go back and forth about which aspects of the shooting hobby I’m going to pursue, and what I’m going to pursue it with. I’m in a financial situation such that I can pretty much get whatever is for sale, barring ridiculous things — admittedly not much, in this environment — but most things I probably shouldn’t get.

— Waiting for my M1 Garand. And waiting… and waiting. I’ve received my order acknowledgment — known in the biz as the “DBU (Don’t Bother Us) Letter”, and I’m guessing that I’m probably around two months out from getting the actual rifle. In the meantime, I’m watching World War Two movies, reading forums, and pondering whether my Zombie Rifle will be this, the RAR, or a rifle to be named later that is likely to be a Gunsite Scout.

— Not watching the news. No. Seriously. NOT watching the news.

— Petting the kitty cat. I kind of quasi-impulsively acquired a kitten over the Christmas holidays — quasi-impulsively in the sense that I’m experienced with cats and had concluded that I could have a cat but was not really planning on getting one until I kinda did. It’s turned out to be a great decision so far, despite the little cuts up and down my arms and legs.

— Engaging in the preliminary stages of taking a bit more of an active part in my career, which has been going well but has been kind of on cruise since I landed my first job out of grad school. Although I  enjoy where I’m presently working, I feel a bit stalled and also observe that the company seems to be in the less-happy phase of its morale/financial/retention cycle. So although I’m not actively searching at the moment and don’t intend to particularly soon, I’m seeing a career coach to help clarify my options and polish up my resume and interview style.

— Working in somewhat of an unfocused manner on financial preparedness and some really basic food storage (which, in this present snowstorm, I am now eating).

— Shaving my head. It’s fun!

More to come… or so I say, right?


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